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Our Approach

Big ideas that are rooted in strong insights and foresights have never been as important, and conversations and communities have become the most important sources of insights. Our approach is to crowdsource insights from our community of SPRINTers and feature the best of these as People’s Insights monthly briefs and People’s Insights magazines.

Latest Insights

The Future of Business Citizenship
Our latest survey of 8,000 Millennials across 17 countries reveals that they feel very differently from preceding generations about businesses’ roles in dealing with the world’s greatest challenges.

Magazine: The Future of Business Citizenship

Our global team of corporate and brand citizenship experts share global and country by country findings and takeaways for brands.

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Infographic: The Roadmap to Business Citizenship

If you're not where millennials expect you to be, you're nowhere. The infographic outlines the four steps to designing a roadmap for citizenship success.

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Video Trailer: Business Citizenship

Scott Beaudoin, our Global Practice Director of Corporate & Brand Citizenship introduces key findings from the study.

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Inspiration Corner

In the last two years, we have featured over 100 initiatives in the areas of social data, crowdsourcing, storytelling and citizenship, and synthesized insights from these into 8 People's Insights magazines and a 10-part annual report on the future of engagement.
Ready for some inspiration? Browse through our collection by topic and region.